This girl from Ohio is having fun and financial freedom as Harlow escorts

I am from Ohio and I am at Harlow now working as an Escort girl and I am having so much fun here, now the thing I want to talk about is financial freedom and what financial freedom really means, it kind of came to mind today because one of my dates was asking a very good question, he said “well, why would you think that financial freedom is the only way for escort girls, why do you think that, that’s the only important thing in the world”

Actually money is not the most important thing in the world, I think that he seemed to get the impression that I was saying that money is the most important thing in the world. I am not saying that at all, I am not also saying that you have to have a lot of money to even have financial freedom. So I told my date “Let me clarify what financial freedom is”, I know I am not an expert but I wanted to explain to him the best I could. “Financial freedom is not being rich. Now, being rich can help when it comes to financial freedom absolutely but, there are people who have very little money who are more financially free in some cases than people who have a lot of money, it is all about dependence”

If you wanted to know about being financial dependence, you should research more about it, to keep it simple it is like I tell you to sit down, you sit down, because you need that money, I tell you to work 20 hours a day, you work 20 hours a day because you need that money. But if somehow you get to a point where actually you don’t need my money anymore then, I can’t control you. That could be done in few different ways. Either you get enough money and be financial literate and understand the economic system which for most of us don’t. The other thing is reduce you money dependency as a whole, there are people who live off the grid, who have live of the woods and don’t have to pay anybody’s rent and whatever and to those people that is the version of their financial freedom. I am not saying that I wanted to do that, I don’t want to live like that per se. but I can say I’ve seen people who doesn’t have money at all who live a frugal lifestyle, they don’t need a lot of money to be happy, they don’t need to go for Gucci.

Yes I became an escort solely for the money but to be honest it is because I have fun and I have my own time, I am not dependent on my agency, I can do whatever I want, I can date whomever I want and be paid for it. Some of the escorts I know are independent escorts which I think for me is more financially free than I am, they have the money the time and most of all the FUN!

The problem for most people is that what you have to understand is that it’s the dependence factor and most people don’t get that so much. Because if you look around, most of us can become very materialistic and if your money is required to maintain an addiction to materialism. But in addition to addiction to materialism, the slavery is compounded by a lack of interest by many factors. Not only are you more addicted to somebody else’s money, you don’t know how to go get enough money to support and maintain you lifestyle. Since I am one of those people, at first this is my goal to decide to become an Escort girl in Harlow, but eventually I learned with the guides of my fellow colleagues how to deal with it, earn, have fun and be financially free. To better understand this think of the drug addiction analogy, you need crack, you don’t have money to buy crack, the dealer tells you to do something for them for crack, in order to get your hit for that dat. That is the dependency I am talking about. That is why we have a lots of financial crackheads in our community.